5 Reasons to Have the ‘Puberty Chat’ With Your Daughter Sooner than Later

It is something that most parents are not going to relish – having that puberty chat with their daughter – however this is something that needs doing earlier rather than later, for a number of very important reasons.

1. Due to better nutrition and many other factors girls are attaining puberty earlier than ever before, so if puberty arrives for a girl before she is prepared for it, this can be very traumatic for her.

2. Most of the information that children get about sex and puberty is either from the media or from friends and peers. Very often this is significantly incorrect or misleading for the child. It is better that she learns the facts from you – accurately and correctly.

3. This all-important chat can enhance connectedness between the mother (or father) and the daughter. This bond or connectedness is so important a factor in a child’s life that it is shown to decrease various harmful behaviors like substance abuse and early or risky sex.

4. If you are apprehensive that speaking about puberty and sex will spur on your daughter to have sex earlier, don’t be, since this is not the case. Talking to your daughter about the birds and bees doesn’t mean that she will have sex earlier but not doing so will increase chances of misinformation and even perhaps a teen pregnancy.

Studies have demonstrated how speaking about sex to a child can help prevent incidence of unsafe sex.

5. Your daughter probably has a whole lot of questions. Even if she isn’t asking you directly, you can bet that she is curious about so many things. Isn’t it better that she get the information from you rather than elsewhere?

It may not be just one chat, but perhaps a series of chats that you need to have with your daughter, sooner rather than later.


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