The Importance Of Listening To What Toddlers Say

Most toddlers are ready to start communicating with their parents at a very early stage.

Although we may consider that all they are doing is making noises, they are actually starting to communicate.

Many parents do not take time to listen carefully to what their small children have to say or are trying to express to them, primarily because they presume they already know what their child wants. This is not always the case, for they may have ideas we do not suspect at all.toddlers

It is important to give your full attention to your child, when he or she is trying to communicate something and is frustrated that you do not understand.

Be patient and let your child know you are listening; make him or her understand that irritability will not help solve the communication problems.

At times parents may also be irritable with their children for a number of reasons, because the small child still wakes them up during the night or because they may be late for work, this is when parents are less likely to be receptive to their small children’s requests.

Small children may express their fears or needs by whining, this is the only way they have to attract your attention and not necessarily because they are being badly behaved.

If you listen actively, this will help your small child improve his speech activity and will be of great help later on, when your child is learning [Child Learning] to talk, the respect you have for your child will in turn teach your child to respect his parents.


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