Tips For Teaching Self Care Skills To Your Children!

As the children grow, their role to take care of themselves also increases and your need for your children will be decreased, but if you are a parent of young children, it is one of the challenges for you to teach them self care skills.

If the children are young, the simple tasks also need to be carefully taught.

Dressing, making bed, washing hands, brushing teeth, tying shoes, and eating without calamity are some things that you need to take care for your children.teaching self care

It is not an easy thing to teach self-care skills to the young children.

Tips to teach self care skills to the children!

First show your children how to do the things and make them learn by themselves, so that they should feel it as “so easy to do.”

The most important thing is to encourage your children. Encouragement is the key in teaching them self care skills. When your young children attempts to do something on their own and in completing that task if they are successful or not, you need to encourage, appraise, applause, and insist them to do it again and again. Assure your children that mistakes are okay and do not get depressed with those mistakes.

At the same time, do not run to your children so quickly in order to help them. Leave them and see what and how they are doing and let them make the effort and try at their own pace.

Also, you should not get irritated with their efforts of learning. For example, when they are learning to wash hands, it means there will be a messy bathroom for some days or if they are learning to dress themselves they will definitely spend most of the time around the mirror and dressing. What you need to do is leave them with what they are doing.

You need to make sure that you keep an eye on what your children are doing, as they are experimenting with doing such things on their own. When children are doing anything wrong, you need to explain them clearly why it is wrong and is it safe to do so.

Apart from these, teaching them how to take care of their health is important. If your children are in elementary school, then you need to be even more careful about them. Teach your children about the dangerous signs that are associated with illnesses.

Also teach them about proper nutrition and hydration in order to avoid some dangerous illnesses. At the same time, encourage your children to be open with the health care provider and make them ask several questions to the doctor.

Besides teaching them self care skills, giving independence to the children helps them learn how to self care themselves.

For parents, there are lot more things to teach children for taking care of themselves. You spend most of the time with your children, watch them all the time what they are doing, how they are putting their efforts in doing things, and encourage them to do their tasks by their own.


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