A Word about Dads – Ahead of Father’s Day

Traditionally Father’s day, celebrated the third Sunday of June, is cause for rather less celebration than Mother’s day, and this is a rather unfair situation when you think about it. Fathers are good parents too and should be made to feel special too, come Father’s Day!

The presence of a father in a family is known to have a lot of positive impact: for instance, children are more likely to succeed in school and may be better at academics.

There is lower incidence of problems such as poverty, drug use and teen pregnancies in homes with fathers. Research has demonstrated this.

And if mothers and fathers have different parenting styles, that doesn’t make one or the other superior; just different from one another.

Also the role and definition of the primary caregiver in a home is changing; both due to changing social dynamics as well as due to the fact of many dads having to remain at home with the economic recession.

With this changing dynamic, there is a lot of online help for dads as well. Website such as Greatdad.com offer advice and support for fathers because “dads don’t always think like moms”!

Another website, MrDad.com, seeks to redress the imbalance in terms of resources available for moms and looks to offer “savvy solutions for connected dads”.


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