Father’s Day – For the first Time!

If you are a first time father with a new born baby, then you are looking enjoying your first ever father’s day which is coming up this Sunday, June 20th (it is celebrated each year on the third Sunday of June).

Legend has it that the origin of Father’s Day dates back a 100 years, when Sonora Smart Dodd thought of a way to honor and celebrate her father who had single handedly raised her and her 5 siblings after her mother died. Her father was born in June and thus started the tradition of celebrating Father’s Day.

As a new father you are not likely to receive a handmade card or a gift from your little one just yet, but make time this Father’s Day, to ponder on the changes that fatherhood has brought into your life.

Your priorities and responsibilities will have changed drastically, but along with that would be the matchless joy and pride that only a child can make you feel.

Make this day special by doing something special with your new child; put down your thoughts in a diary or a letter; perhaps your little baby may really enjoy reading it when he or she is old enough.

It may even amaze you, some years down the line, when you’ve become something of a seasoned dad! Here’s looking at you dad, and wishing you a Happy Father’s Day!


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