Parenting Programmes Lower Child Abuse Rates

A study carried out by the University of Queensland, Australia stressed that all families that were integrated with an efficient parenting programme would benefit from a lower risk of child abuse.

This new Positive Parenting Programme named Triple P considerably decreased the cases of child-abuse as well as children placed in foster homes in those countries following the programme.

Other countries that were not under the Triple P, showed an increase in child abuse and violence.child abuse

The effectiveness of this programme was quite evident, and the more it was followed the more the principles of this programme influenced other families in the same area, who realized that there were other methods to beating, screaming and threatening their children into obedience.

When the triple P was started in Australia, it was generally aimed at helping individual parents to deal with their children and had greatly reduced violence and mistreatment.

It has now shown its effectiveness throughout communities, where the rates of mistreatment, injuries and foster home placements have considerably diminished.

There is now a project being formulated to integrate this parenting programme as part of a public health plan, in order to increase the number of families attending. All families should participate in this scheme, whether at risk of child mistreatment or not.


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