12 Safety Devices Useful For Child Safety In The Home!

Children about 2-1/2 million are killed or injured due to the home hazards every year.

These hazards can be prevented by following the child safety in the home with the help of safety devices.

12 safety devices for your child safety in the home that prevents injury:

1. Locks and latches: By the use of locks and latches for drawers and cabinets in your bathrooms, other places and kitchens where your child can access the sharp objects, house hold cleaners, knives, medicines, etc.,that can injure and poison can be prevented.Child Safety

You should be very careful as these devices are not guarantee of protection while installing for the child safety in the home. It costs less than $2.

2. Safety gates: This helps your children to reach the dangerous areas and prevent from falling from the stairs. Always use the safety gates that cannot be dislodged by your children.

The gates should be screwed to the walls for the top stairs than the pressure gates. In case of old gate, see that it does not have “V” shape which can fit your child’s neck and head into it. Its cost is $13 to $40.

3. Door locks and door knob covers: This helps the children from reaching the swimming pools, entering areas or rooms that are dangerous. See that the door knob cover is sturdy and can be opened easily at the time of emergency by the adults.

It costs around $1 for door knob cover and $ 5 or more for door locks.

4. Anti-scald devices: These are used for the shower heads to set the temperature of your water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent the burns from hot water. To install this device, plumber is needed. It costs $ 6 to $ 30.

5. Smoke detector: This is used to detect the fire near your bathroom and all the levels of your house. Check them every month whether it is working properly. Change the battery once a year if it is battery operated. It costs less than $10.

6. Safety netting and window guards: This helps to prevent falling from landings, balconies, windows and decks. Check them for proper instillation. It costs $8 for window guard and $ 16 for safety netting approximately.

7. Edge and corner bumpers: This prevents the injuries against the fire places and sharp edges. These are used for fire place and furniture. It costs more than $1.

8. Outlet plates and covers: These prevent the electrocution. They help your children from electric shocks. It costs less than $2.

9. Carbon monoxide detector: This is used to prevent the carbon monoxide (co) poisoning out side bedrooms. This should be installed near sleeping areas. It costs $30 to $70 approximately

10. Inner cord stops and safety tassels: This prevents strangling in blind cord loop. Safety tassels on tension devices and mini blinds prevents injuries and deaths.

11. Door holders and door stops: Hands and finger injuries can be prevented with door holders and door stops, which can be used for child safety in the home. It costs less than $4.

12. Cord less phone: This makes to watch your child continuously when they are in dangerous areas, swimming pools and bath tubs especially. It costs more than $ 30.

You can install these 12 safety devices for your child safety in the home.


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