6 Useful Tips on Raising a Happy Child

Who doesn’t want his child to be happy? Though it may look like admirable and common goal of every parent, it can be quite challenging to raise a happy child.

Every parent has his own way of providing happiness to his children and raising a happy child. Some of us might try to grasp the actual meaning of happiness from the child’s perceptive and act accordingly to make him/her feel happy.

On the other hand, few of us might still be on our way to understand the actual concept of raising a happy child. However, there are few common ways that one can follow to raise a happy child.

1. Respect your child’s feeling

Respecting your child’s interests and feelings is most important aspect of raising a happy child.

If you constantly try to keep your kid down knowingly or unknowingly, it can certainly hurt the self esteem of your child and chances are there for your child to develop disrespectfulness towards others. So, always show respect to your child and his feelings.

2. Be child’s favorite

Ensure that you are your child’s biggest favorite. Know their limitations and never compare them with other children. Celebrate your child’s small successes and express your pride. Keep encouraging them. Make your child believe that you have full confidence in your child’s success.

3. Show unconditional love

Realize that a happy child is most loved child. Shower your child with love and utmost affection. Spend quality time with your child and discuss about various things in your life as well as your child’s life. This will improve intimacy with your child and help in your goal of raising a happy child.

4. Teach them positivity

Positivity obviously brings lot of happiness to life. So, teach your child how to act positively and how to develop positive attitude in life to be happy.

5. Use creative ways to praise

Don’t just limit your praising to simply saying “good work”, rather think creatively and explore different ways to express your praise to your child. When you feel that your child has done extremely wonderful job, arrange a surprising party for your child to make him/her feel happy.

6. Listen to your child

When your child comes to you with a problem, try to listen carefully about the problems. Though it may seem like a small problem to you, it can be a tough task for your child. So, listen to him/her carefully and try to help him/her in solving the problem.


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