Activity Ideas for Toddlers at Home

If you have a toddler, you may already know that he or she is really active so you might be looking foractivity ideas for toddlers at home.

In order to make sure that the little one won’t make ravages in your home you have to come up with some ideas that will entertain the child.


Wooly lamb collage

For this activity, all you need are some cotton balls. Draw the shape of the lamb on a piece of paper or you could print out the shape.

Then have the child glue the cotton balls to the sheep. Once he or she is done tell them to take off the cotton balls. Most probably destroying the piece of art will be more fun than creating it.

Painting with cars

This one of the toddlers’ at home activity ideas is just perfect for the little boys. For sure you know that toddlers love to paint. Give the child some paint and a piece of paper and let him run the paper over with a toy can that has paint on its wheels.

Hugging game

All you need is some players and a couch. Everybody sits on the couch and then the hugger runs to it and hugs someone. This person will become the hugger and the game goes on.


Although you might think that this is not your child’s favorite one of the ideas for toddlers’ at home activities you should know that this is a great activity for bonding. Let the child choose the book to read and just start to read it together. Maybe you could even discuss the story.

Watching TV

Usually it is said that watching TV is bad for children, but if you would like to have family time, then this is the way to go. Choose a movie or a cartoon that is suitable for the age of the child and gather the family on the couch around some popcorn.


The truth is that there are only a few things that can grab the attention of children for longer periods of time, but when looking for activity ideas for toddlers at home cooking is one of the best options.


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