Advice For Raising Healthy Kids

mother and child interactionPediatricians share their tips for raising healthy and happy kids and offer this advice:

  1. Interaction is very important. In infancy, developmental skills and language is improved by parents who talk and read to their children. Later as well it is important to spend quality time with your older child or teen. This is important for bonding, maintaining a healthy relationship, keeping in touch with a child and knowing what he or she is up to.
  2. Make sure that you have an emergency number of your pediatrician if ever there is a problem that needs immediate attention. Also understand what an emergency is and what childhood symptoms never to ignore.
  3. We know that too much TV is bad, but even too much computer use, video games and videos are bad. It is recommended by the American Academy of pediatrics that two hours of screen time, all told is enough; more than that may be detrimental.
  4. According to pediatricians, the annual pre-participation sports physical is very important for all kids, not just those who are involved in sport. This can help monitor growth as well as developmental milestones, ring the alarm bell for risky behavior, offer tips for healthy nutrition, and offer information about vaccines.

Source: Dallas News


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