An Effective Parenting Advice: Listen Actively To The Child

The most effective parenting advice is actively listening to your child.

This parenting advice can be a difficult task for you some times because of your own busy life.

Some times your children feel like you are not listening to them and some times you feel like they are not listening to yours.

Good listening and good communication skills to the child are effective parenting advices for every parent.

You have to give value to your child’s opinions, feelings and views.

You should adjust your schedule and take the time to sit down and listen openly and discuss with them honestly.Effective Parenting

This parenting advice helps to identify child abuse and children’s inability to openly talk about their emotional pain.

Parenting advice, after actively listening to your child, follow the two options, such as either you will give a response or you can react to your child’s words. You pass your opinion based on your feelings and experiences.

Responding means being friendly with your child’s feelings and emotions and allowing them to express themselves openly and honestly without any fear.

Reacting means you just send a message to your child by saying that your feelings and opinions are invalid.

Responding is the smooth way in dealing with your child’s words. Responding and asking questions about why the child feels that way, opens a dialogue that allows you to discuss your feelings further and allows you a better understanding of where they are coming from.

This parenting advice also gives you an opportunity to give a better solution or a plan of action with your child before they would not have come up with their own ideas. Your child will appreciate the fact that may be you do really understand how they feel.

Follow The Below Parenting Advices While You Listen To Your Child.

Stop doing everything while you are listening to your child:

When your child wants to tell you something or needs you stop doing the things such as, Put down your newspaper, stop doing dishes, or turn off the television. Hear with full attention and keep eye to eye contact with your child. Keep calm, be curious and after that offer an advice to your child’s problem. Every parent should follow these parenting advices.

Offer encouragement:

Offering encouragement to your child is the best parenting advice. Don’t discourage your child from feeling upset, angry or frustrated. After completing listening to your child, let him know that you are interested in what he has just told you by repeating few key words.

Acknowledge your child’s feeling:

After listening to your child, ask some questions to find out why they are feeling that way, and then offer possible solutions to alleviate the bad feeling.

Offer reassurance:

After completing listening and advising your children, finally end the conversation with a supporting phrase or phrase like “I hope you will succeed”. This type of statements encourages your child.

Actively listening is the parenting advice that allows you to participate and listen to your child as they talk about it, it exhibits your interest and your care towards your children.


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