Are Barbie Dolls Such A Good Idea For Your Little Girl?

Picking up a Barbie doll may be an obvious choice for parents of little girls, because girls seem to love the slim pretty blonde, with her beautiful clothes and all the lovely things she seems to have. But is it really that much of a good idea to get Barbie dolls for your child? Let’s consider a few things:

What does Barbie teach your child? This is among the least educational toys you can get for your child. At most it may teach your child how to be some sort of fashionista and about how important pretty dresses and shoes are.

Barbie is all about shopping and clothes and shoes and parties, with her own vanity set, and bedroom set and wardrobe and a whole lot of other stuff, which brings us to our next point.

Barbie can be really expensive: There are all the different types of Barbie in the first place: Party Barbie, Sporty Barbie etc, then there are all her various outfits to be bought.

She has her accessories, her tea set, her bedroom set, her wardrobe, her kitchen, her castle and an unending list of other requirements so that in the end you are shelling out a lot of money to foster your child’s Barbie habit.

All that money would be better spent getting your child the kind of toys that are educational[Educational toys] or will help keep her physically active.

Is Barbie the role model you want your child growing up with? Scaled up to life size, if there was a creature with Barbie’s vital statistics, she would be 6 feet tall, and weigh just 100 pounds! She would have a 39 inch bust, a 19 inch waist and 33 inch hips.

How unrealistic is this! And Barbie is all about material possessions; sending kids the message that we all need a lot of possessions and clothes and accessories to be happy!

There is of course the problem that advertising and the fact that all her friends have a bunch of Barbies’ will make your child long for this particular toy; but with some effort and parenting skill, you can guide your child towards more interesting toys.

With some guidance you can help a child to see how much more fun it is to develop a skill; say hula hooping, roller blading, cycling; even something as simple as play dough can let them explore their creative side. Encourage the development of a hobby, rather than spend time in mindless play.


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