Are You Vexed Of Bribing Children? Tips To Defeat The Effects Of Bribery!

We resort to bribing children some or the other time. Bribes are gifts or rewards that influence children to do a specific action.

But, it rapidly becomes addictive for the child and the behavior becomes more and more scandalous in the expectations of achieving better and better rewards.

So, for parents who are looking for an alternative to defeat the effects of bribery, here are a few tips:

bribing children

  • Make use of those words with which your child can able to understand your feelings of upset. Never assume that your child knows the reason why you are upset and unhappy.
  • If something goes wrong with the child, make her realize the mistake and ask the child to say sorry immediately.
  • Instantaneously responding to the incident ensures that your child realizes her behavior to be intolerable. It is good to educate kids about the “good” and “bad” deeds.
  • Never feel guilty of your behavior towards scolding your child. It is an obligation to teach your child the right manners and proper behavior. It is great if you calmly observe the child and take an appropriate consequence to the incident.
  • Never make idle threats. Just go-through, respond instantly, and do what you are intended to do.
  • Keep a keen concentration on your child; tally all of the good behaviors over the course of a complete day, and reward with an extra praise, story, or time in playing with the child. However, it is most important that your child recognizes how much you love him/her and how proud you feel about him/her.
  • For every successful deed, encourage the child by rewarding with huge hugs and kisses and thank the child for completing the task. Then leave it immediately. It is not a good idea to dwell on an incident after your child has completed successfully, or the rewards or praises you give to your child.
  • Be attentive and look out for good behavior. Just assume how refreshing it will be for children to have their good behavior recognized by their parents, especially when children were not expecting it to observed by you.
  • When time comes, reveal your feeling out! Express out that you have the most wonderful children and you love to be with them. However, ensure that the kids listen to your words while you are talking about them. The best way is to speak loud and clear. Also, ensure that majority of words you express make them feel that you love and care for.
  • Set limits to your child and make clear of their boundaries. Else, they go out of control. Moreover, teach your child how to be good and behave properly in the house as well as when you go out. It is a good idea to instruct the children how to behave, before leaving out.

Handling children in the early stages of childhood provide parents with good opportunities for teaching proper behavior [behavior problems] and good manners.


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