Became A Dad For The First Time? Useful Tips To Accomplish Your Responsibilities As A New Dad!

Have you become a dad for the first time? Is it an exciting experience as a new dad for your new born?

Feeling nervous about taking care of your new baby?

As a new dad, you have a significant role to play in taking care of your new born.

It is common thinking of every new dad that his role in baby care is a minor one.

Not at all! Recent research studies proven that the father’s involvement in baby care is very crucial.New Dad

The first and foremost responsibility of a new dad is to improve the bond between you and your child. Forming a close bond between you both helps the child feel safe and happy.

On the other hand, as a new dad, you may feel nervous to touch or take your newborn baby into your hands. This may be because you have ever done it previously. The best process to overcome your nervousness is to follow some of these tips:

Hold and slowly hug your baby. The more you do this, the more comfortable you will be.

Smile and talk to your baby frequently so that the baby can quickly learn your voice and determine you as his/her father.

Keep your baby warm and secure all the time. So, learn to wrap your baby in a cloth similar to the way they do in the hospital nursery. Wrapping makes your baby feel warm and safe.

Change your baby’s diapers. For new dads, at first time, changing nappies appears as a troublesome task. Nappy changing regularly helps you get complete awareness of baby’s health.

Being a new dad, you need to play an energetic role in every aspect of baby’s care, including nappy changing, feeding and bathing. Feed your baby with bottle milk when your partner is busy. Talk or sing to your baby during bottle feed [Safest Baby Bottles].

In addition to bottle feed, try several different techniques to see what works best on your baby to expel gas from the stomach after feeding. The best method is patting the back of the baby.

Even bicycling your baby’s legs helps in burping. Most of the babies and dads find this as a fun to play mutually.

Take your baby outside for a walk (when there is suitable weather) because babies love outdoor sights and sounds. Also play regularly with your baby, as it is one of the best ways for you and your baby to spend time together.

On the other hand, in the excitement of being a new dad, don’t forget your partner. Remember that the responsibility of taking care of your new born is more on the new mom than new dad.

While bringing up your baby, you may come across situations where your partner may feel tired from caring the baby. As a new dad, you can help your wife by playing an active role in parenting. Also, keep your partner away (for some time) from the responsibility of the baby.

So, stay away from your nervousness and actively fulfill the new dad’s responsibility in baby care.


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