Combating Carelessness – 4 Tips To Help Your Child Be More Careful

It is a common complaint of parents that my child is careless, has no sense of responsibility, is forever losing or misplacing things and it’s driving me crazy, but natural!

It could be that your child is making silly and careless mistakes in school work or that they can never seem to remember where they put a book or a toy or that they are forever losing items in school such as stationery etc.

It isn’t just the financial implications of forever losing things that have to be replaced; it is also the lackadaisical attitude of the child that can drive parents crazy.

So what can you do to make your child behave in a more careful and responsible manner?

  1. Develop a system or a procedure for the child to follow. Getting ready for school each day should include a checklist of things to complete from the time you get up. This way you know that everything is completed since the child is working in a step by step manner.Also guide the child that a similar procedure should be followed in school, pack up systematically, check that everything is included and that the child hasn’t left behind anything.
  2. Don’t keep buying your child unnecessary stuff. It could be parental indulgence that wants a child to have everything that the heart desires, or it simply could be giving in a child’s demands.But having too much stuff reduces its value in the eyes of a child, he has too much to keep track of and he does not value it enough to take care of it either. Ergo, develops a don’t-care attitude about his many possessions.
  3. Let her pay for it. As soon as your child is old enough to be able to handle money, you can give her small amounts of money and let her decide what she wants to buy and how much of it she needs. If a child has spent “her own” money for something, she is likely to value it more, and be more careful about it.
  4. Spend more time not money on your child. Giving child things is not as important as giving them time. The best way to teach a child values is to demonstrate by personal example.The more time you spend with a child, the better you are able to impart important guidance and the more a child can imbibe from your value system.

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