Creative Ways To Teach Child To Deal With Clutter!

Do you have young children at your home?

Obviously you feel shutting the door on a messy bedroom.

You will be tempted to hide in your room.

You will walk out of a cluttered room.

Many parents dealt with these types of feelings while raising children and so you are.

Find creative ways to teach child to put toys away when playing with them is over.

Creative ways to teach child to deal with clutter:

Don’t shout! Do not shout on them to clean up the clutter. Teach child in a funny and enjoying way. Sing with them while picking up the toys. You also help in picking up the toys. If you help them, they too pick up the toys and clean the clutter.Parenting Tips

Ask them to pick their shoes and coats and keep them where they will be always.

Teach child! Teach child if they are older, in an innovative way. If you are a little innovative, you get their cooperation in keeping clutter out of your living space. Your child comes from school and throws his shoes and dress at the door of the living room. They throw their bags and books in the hall.

Teach child to pick up his belongings and put the things in their place. But children will be engaged in other activities and they will not complete that work. Your child promises when he reaches a place in the game he can pause it.

Innovative way! If you teach child with threats and repeated requests, still it is not working? You should go in an innovative way to help you with your clutter.

You are asking repeatedly your child to pick the belongings. You are even threatening to do the work. But, nothing is working for you. One day you saw the clutter in the room floor. You just pick up all the belongings of your children and keep in your own room.

Next day, children start searching for their bags, shoes, and homework. You should say to your children that the items will be returned by exchanging with household chores or paying small fine.

Really, this hurts the children. You can keep your home clutter free. There are other ways to make your home clutter free. Place a coat rack where your children can hang their coats and backpacks when they come home from school. Be sure that hooks of coat rack are reachable to children.

Provide a basket to keep their shoes in it. If you teach child and make a practice of putting shoes in the basket, hanging coats or putting backpacks, you will find that clutter is reduced.

In parenting, you need to learn to adapt as your children grow. Install toy storage in your child’s bedroom. It will be easier to teach child how to keep the toys organized when there is a definite place for each toy to go.

Teach child to take care of the furniture in which he is storing toys. This will help your children learn about the importance of proper furniture care as well as clutter free home.


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