Dealing With The Dangers Of The Internet

Every child will hear their parent telling them at some point not to talk to strangers.

However, with the rise of internet access amongst youngsters, that unwanted attention, can now come in the shape of a chat room conversation or a myriad of other forms.

Unfortunately, teenage children usually have a much better understanding of modern technology than adults and they love to utilize it by either talking to their friends or making new ones on line. [Internet safety for kids]child internet

Privacy experts have discovered that nearly two thirds of parents do not know what their offspring discuss on line.

Half of those surveyed do not know about the existence of images and photographs posted by their teenagers on the internet.

Children as young as ten years old have their own personal access to the world wide web and a lot of their time is spent unsupervised. The dangers of people being able to choose any identity they want in the anonymous global information highway cannot be underestimated.

When a child chats to someone very casually, they could effectively be conversing with anyone, including very sinister and evil people.

The Virtual Parenting Report aims to highlight the dangers from the internet and persuade parents to be much more vigilant. Most cellular phones now have access and even games consoles can reach a much larger amount of people via the net.

It might not be necessary to teach yourself information technology skills but just by asking questions and taking a bigger interest in your child’s on line activities could make a big difference for their safety.


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