Discover The Changes During Adolescent Development Stage Of Your Child!

During the adolescent development, your children undergo many physical changes. At this moment, they need privacy.

You have to provide a separate room for adolescents so that the changes that are occurring in their bodies can be contemplated.

If this is not possible, you can provide some private space for them.

You should not tease the adolescents regarding their physical changes. It can cause embarrassment and self-consciousness in them.

As a parent, you should discuss about the changes and problems that occur due to adolescent development. You can take necessary steps to help your children.adolescent development

The parents should remember that adolescents are interested in their body changes and sexual topics are natural. But, it does not mean that they are moving into the sexual activity.

You should not label behaviors or emerging instinct as “immoral”, “wrong” or “sick”. Adolescents prior to sexual identity, experiment on their own by considering wide range of sexual behaviors or orientations.

During adolescent development, re-emergence of oedipal complex (child may get attracted to the opposite sex parent) is common. The healthy parents should deal with this fact by accepting the children regarding the attractiveness and physical changes at this adolescent stage. Without crossing the child-parent relationship, they should take pride in the youth’s growth into maturity.

The parent finds it a normal thing during the early age of the child and may feel awkward. Certain care should be taken about this kind of adolescent behavior by explaining what is wrong with them without maintaining the distance.

In the same way, the parent should not be attracted to their children, but should maintain the relationship as a parent itself and not more than that.

It will be normal development for your teenager as they quest for independence and they should not be looked up on by loss of control or rejection from your side.

To benefit your growing adolescent, you should just remain as consistent and constant figure; you should be available for youth’s ideas as a sounding board without overtaking and dominating the independent emerging identity of the young person.

When the adolescent challenges the authority figures, you need to set limit to provide a safe boundary to function and grow. This setting refers to negotiated and predetermined rules and regulations for the best behavior of your child.

When the authority is being “right” or at stake, the primary issue of “power struggle” arises in contrast. This should be avoided because one party (teen) may be over powered that make them to lose the face and feelings of resentment, embarrassment, bitterness and inadequacy.

You should be prepared to recognize the common conflicts that occur during the adolescent parenting. The major conflicts can be solved by maintaining the clear and open line communication, limits, and yet negotiable boundaries.

Self-growth and wisdom are increased senses in adolescents that are reported by many parents and the challenges for parenting adolescents are raised.


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