E-cigarette – An Alternative to Smoking For Women During Pregnancy

In the current fashionable and fast paced world, both men and women are getting addicted to wide range of unusual habits, of which smoking is the most prevalent unhealthy habit. Irrespective of the age, Nicotine smoking has adverse affects on both men and women. Large numbers of women who smoke regularly become victims of various dreadful diseases like cancer, vaginal infection and cardiovascular diseases.

E cigarette

With abrupt raise in the number of cigarette smokers, several companies have introduced products that serve as safe alternatives and one such popular product unveiled by these companies is electronic cigarette or e-cigarette. Mostly these electronic cigarettes are smoke free, ash free, odourless and these special features of e-cigarettes make them a great substitute over the tobacco cigarette.

Medical experts suggest that women should quit smoking during the pregnancy period as the infants of smoking pregnant women will face medical issues like ear aches, cold-cough and other major health problems.  In case of addicted women, Electronic Cigarette from Must Have LTD would be a great option to reduce their chances of getting affected with various skin infections. On using the e-cigarette, women can cut down their habit of tobacco smoking and slowly they can even quit smoking.

During pregnancy, several complications such as miscarriage and stillbirth can steadily increase due to tobacco smoking and when the babies are born, they are still at the risk of infant death syndrome. Despite of being aware about these health complications caused by smoking, still women find it difficult to give up smoking. Due to limited research on the usage of e-cigarettes while pregnancy, most of the companies that manufacture electronic cigarettes or smokeless cigarettes state that they are not suitable for pregnant women. However for addicted women, there are other alternatives to keep smoking and one such way is to replace the nicotine liquid with non-nicotine e-liquid that is composed of propylene glycol.


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