Effects of Over Controlling Parents on Children

Over controlling parents are also known as control freak parents who wish to supervise closely all aspects of their child’s life. Usually these parents don’t really think about the effects of over controlling parents on children and they don’t really recognize that they might have a problem of this kind.

Effects of Over Controlling Parents on Children

Poor understanding of self as one of the over controlling parents’ effect on children

The children of these parents rely on their parents to make decisions regarding their life and as a result they won’t be able to make any decisions on their own. For example, if a parent forces their child to eat, after a while the child may lose the ability to determine when he or she is hungry or full.

Over controlling parents’ effects on kids

Although you might think that the parents are only trying to help, by their actions they will make everyday activities difficult for children. For instance, if the parents decide what the child should wear, at a moment the child won’t be able to decide what clothes to wear on their own and such a minor thing can become a dilemma.

Rigid thinking

When it comes to the effects of over controlling parents on children, parents should remember that since over controlling parents always come with one solution, children will have the feeling that every problem has only one solution and they won’t be able to think outside the box.

Problems and solutions

The effects on children of over controlling parents also include that children will believe that only the solution offered by their parents is a good one. This way they won’t be able to develop their problem solving skills and they will start thinking like their own parents, resulting in narrow mindedness.

Psychiatric disorders

Sometimes the effects of over controlling parents on children aren’t obvious because they look extremely similar to the positive parenting manner and they offer their children all the comfort that they need. Nonetheless, if the children are also neglected besides being controlled, they could end up having psychiatric problems.

Possible disorders

In many cases the results of having over controlling parents include depression, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and anxiety. It is common for the parents not to be able to offer their children everything they need but they still demand obedience, leaving them incapable and powerless.

The effects of over controlling parents on children are long lasting and usually children can never really outgrow them.


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