Examples of Lesson Plans for Toddlers

Children can only develop if they have an adult around to guide them. If you wish to become a responsible parent you may be looking for examples of lesson plans for toddlers. The main point of the lesson plans is to teach the child in a playful manner.

Examples of Lesson Plans for Toddlers

Lesson Plan Examples for Toddlers

The parents looking for lesson plans could incorporate in the lessons some themes, such as Dig, Dig, Dig, revolving around the plants that people can have in their gardens, eating (teaching about fruits and vegetables), Ring-a-Ling (teaching about instruments) and Beep, Beep, Zoom, Zoom (teaching about vehicles).

Lesson Plan Forms

In vase you are thinking about the ideas for toddler’s lesson plans you should consider making a weekly plan. For instance if you choose to teach about instruments, you could think about playing with a color glove, reading stories about instruments, teaching a nursery rhyme, playing an instrument, listening activities, or doing a puzzle.

Sensory Activities

When looking for examples of lesson plans for toddlers you should know that it is best to have activities addressing all the skills of children. If you would like to have sensory activities you might want to include water table, shave cream, sand table, feely boxes and other objects.

Movement and Music

Although kids usually don’t admit it, they just love singing so if you are looking for toddler’s lesson plan ideas make sure that you include activities involving music and singing. No matter what theme you are addressing, you can be sure that you will find a suitable song.

Circle Time

There is nothing more pleasant for children than to listen to a nice story. This is why regarding the examples of lesson plans for toddlers it is important to read a story to the children every day. Just as in case of songs, you can be sure that you will find a story, no matter what the theme may be.

Nursery Rhymes

In order for the toddler’s ideas for lesson plans to be effective, there is need to teach the children nursery rhymes. These are supposed to be short so that it will be easy for the children to learn it and you should say it many times.

Although the examples of lesson plans for toddlers are supposed to vary one from the other, it is important for them to have something to revolve around so that children will be able to link the concepts.

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