Exercise Tips for New Mums and Dads – Part 1

Here are a few exercise tips for new mommies and daddies that you may find really useful –

  • If you are going to get a start on losing the baby weight, consult with your doctor about what is appropriate, particularly if you have not exercised during your pregnancy.
  • If for whatever reason you were sedentary during pregnancy, start slow and easy before building up the tempo and the intensity.
  • Understand that your abs and lower back may be weaker and that joints and ligaments are still a little soft so that risk of injury is higher. So to begin with, high impact exercises and those that involve rapid direction changes may be best avoided.
  • Get an off road buggy to help you start exercising with your new born in tow. Look for one that has a smooth ride even on rough paths so baby can take a snooze.
  • Get baby carrier so you can take baby for a walk along with you. The only problem with this could be that once baby gets bigger, he or she may struggle to keep put in the baby carrier and you may have a bit of struggle as baby gets heavier and bigger.


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