Fire Safety for Kids Facts

Fire is a real threat when it comes to children, so it is important for both the parents and the children to think about the fire safety for kids facts. If the children know about the dangers of fire they will be more careful when they are around it.


Lighters and matches

It is a must for parents to make sure that the children don’t get their hands on matches or lighters. They should also be taught to tell their parents or a grown up if they see a match or lighter and not to touch it until an adult comes.

Smoke detector

In case you are interested in the facts of fire safety for kids, it is a good idea to have smoke detectors on every floor and in the sleeping areas. These detectors often save the life of people. Most probably children would feel more safe if they knew where these detectors were located.

Testing the smoke detectors

It’s not enough to have smoke detectors; they also have to work. If you are thinking about the fire safety for kids facts, remember to test all the detectors at least once a month.

This way the family will get to know the sound that it makes. This sound means danger and your family will need to escape.

Change the batteries

When it comes to the fire safety for kids facts, the specialists say that it is best to change the batteries in the smoke detectors when you change the time of the clock for Daylight Savings. Usually a set of batteries is enough for more than half a year, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

If there’s fire

The truth about kids’ fire safety is that it’s not something pleasant to think about. However, you should teach the children that if there is a fire in the house they shouldn’t hide, but they have to run outside. While travelling in smoke, it is best to stay close to the floor because the smoke isn’t as dense down there.

Being on fire

The fire safety for kids facts also involve telling the children what to do if their clothes are on fire. They should get on the floor and roll until the fire disappears. If they start running the fire will burn even faster. It is best to have an escape plan and you should practice it with your family.


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