Weird and Funny Parenting Tips for Kids

Although parenting is serious business, you should improve your morale through some funny parenting tips kids.

Of course you don’t have to take these tips seriously, but they will make you smile and maybe they will help you realize that being a parent isn’t such as burden as you thought it was.

Having a headache

If you get a headache because of your children most probably you will take an aspirin. When doing so take a look at the bottle and note what the bottle says: keep away from children. This is exactly what you should do to make your headache better.

Funny Parenting Tips for Kids

Having several children

When thinking about parenting tips for kids that are funny you may have in mind having several children. The good thing about having children is that you learn from the mistakes that you make with the older children so that you will be able to make the exact opposite mistakes with the younger children.

Worried children

The parents looking for funny parenting tips kids ought to know that usually the kids tell their parents things that they have done in their youth, when parents get old. This happens because those things would have  made their parents extremely worried at the moment they were done. This is why it isn’t that good for the children to be extremely honest.

Hide and seek

It is normal for small children to enjoy playing hide and seek. When thinking about the funny kids’ parenting tips you might think that parents would enjoy the game as well if they had the possibility to hide until their child graduates high school.


Before looking for funny parenting tips, you have to be prepared for the fact that when it comes to the relationship between children and parents you will see some bizarre behavior and it doesn’t always come from the child.

Funny fact for mothers

If you take a look at the funniest kids’ parenting tips you may find that women usually have their menopause around the time when their 16-year-old child learns how to drive a car. This is nature’s way of making fun of the parents because it teaches them to be patient the hard way.

It is just natural that you don’t have to take the funny parenting tips kids, but there is some truth about them. In the same time they also remind the parents how much they love their children and how these tips aren’t real.


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