Google Buzz – Parents Beware

Google Buzz, the new social networking tool that has shot into popularity just recently, is not without issues, some of which are highlighted here.

The article talks about the personal experience of a technology analyst: her daughter shared a private conversation and made it public without meaning to. Google buzz is able to give strangers access to children so that they can chat, which is also potentially very buzz

Google buzz does indeed have issues that one can take exception to: for instance it arbitrarily decides who from among your gmail mailing list you will follow. Most were not aware of when Google buzz was linked to one’s email account and what it entailed. It may have become an instant success with netizens but most were not aware of what it entailed, how many personal details Google was using without an idea.

Also anyone who finds a public profile by virtue of an email address can ‘Follow’ them. So imagine the peril of a situation wherein someone called “iorgyinbathrooms” is following a fourth grader! So parents who monitor what their children do online, here is one more thing to keep track of and be very careful about; Google Buzz.


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