Helping Children Stay Fit: Five Tips For Parents

Helping your child stay fit is very important. In today’s day in age over half of all elementary age children are overweight.

However, with the following five tips you can help your child to stay fit and maintain a healthy weight.

Tip One: Portion Size is Key

When preparing food for your children it is very important that you serve the appropriate size portions. Never allow your children to eat chips from the bag or snacks from a box.staying fit

When your child eats out of a bag or box they don’t realize how much they eat. So they eat more than they should. You can cut down on how much your child eats at dinner.

You can make their plates and not give seconds. You should also cut down on snacks. Don’t allow your child to snack all day. Instead of snack, find something fun and healthy to do to take its place.

Tip Two: Turn of the Television

Whether it is video games or cartoons the television can influence an unhealthy lifestyle. It is very unhealthy to allow your child to seat around for hours watching TV or playing a video.

Your child won’t get any exercise if they are watching TV or playing video games. If you allow your child to snack all day then watch TV all day, they won’t be able to work off what they eat.

So while your child is snacking and seating around for hours, your child is just gaining weight. This is not a good way to try to stay fit.

Tip Three: Family Activities Are Very Important

Children learn what they see. If you are active your children will want to get out and exercise. Family activities are great because the whole family is being active. So no one gets centered out.

When your child sees you being active then your child would be active too. You can make the activities fun for you and the child. Play outside games or even make up a fun workout for inside. So you and your child can have fun and exercise.

Tip Four: Child and Parent Should Be Fit

It is important for the parent to be fit. What your child sees you doing is what they want to do. So if they see you snacking through the day they will think it is okay for them to snack.

Parent and child should try to stay fit not only at home, but also at school and work. You should fix a lunch for your child to take to school. You should also make healthy dinners at home.

Tip Five: Helping Your Child Stay Fit

You can keep your child fit by working with him/her. You would need to stick with a healthy diet. Set a good example for your child. You should not allow lots of TV or video game time throughout the day. Make sure you stick to your exercises.

You should also continue your family activities. Make sure you make healthy dinners and portion your meals lesser than what they were. You also need to make sure you stay fit too. Your child will need your support in staying fit. So set an example for your child.


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