How Parenting Stress Can Be Reduced?

The parenthood can bring immense amounts of personal growth, pride and joy.

It even brings lot of challenges that are to be faced by the parents. The researchers are finding the ways to solve these problems.

The parenting stress is studied by the Robin Simon professor of Florida State University and Ranae Evenson professor of Vanderbilt University and they found that parents with children are with more stress and depression than that of parents without children.Parenting Stress

Parenting stress

The words “parenting” and “stress” go together. What could be the reason for stress? The main reason is worrying about your children. The other reasons include demands of the spouse, the house hold managements and a job.

You may feel unsecure and inadequate and may not be prepared for the parenting job. You may not be close to your extended family members or your parents to get enough support from them in this mobile society.

As the contradictory and new information are coming out, the parenting techniques which were once thought to be appropriate are not accepted now-a-days. Financial status, work, health and relationships are the other reasons for the stress.

Some ideas to reduce the parenting stress:

  • Priorities are to be set. Spend time with your children by encouraging with love and listening to them. This can have more long-term impact than clean house.
  • Think that you are imperfect. The realistic expectations can give more relief than the feeling that is imposed by the public opinion on you.
  • You can take some break, at least for 10-15 minutes. You can relax by doing something that you enjoy. This gives you more energy to meet the challenges.
  • Look after your health properly. Take healthy food, do good exercises (short Walks Without children) and have enough sleep. You cope better when you are feeling good.
  • You can ask your family members, neighbors or friends to help you in cleaning, baby sitting and shopping. This helps to take off the burden.
  • You can join the parent support group.
  • The knowledge for parenting skills can be increased by taking parenting class. The parenting programs are provided by the community groups or local hospitals.
  • Maintain the sense of humor. The minor upsets can be put in perspective. It doesn’t matter by what you are stressed the most. You can laugh when ever you like to.
  • The physical discipline should be avoided by which the children may get the violence their way. You will over react if you are stressed.
  • The human touch de-stressing should be discovered. A hug not only helps the “hugger” but also the “hug gee”. The other ways for caring are massaging, patting on back and squeezing the hand.

Through these ideas, parenting stress can be reduced and you can become a model for your children to handle their own stress.


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