How Parents Can Help Prevent Bullying And Suicides?

Bullying, teen suicide and harassment of gay teens are ongoing problems that parents can help to prevent by helping to create an environment of tolerance, and discouraging bullying. Consider the following –

  • The language, jokes and even casual comments that a child may be hearing at home. Sometimes parents say things that are unknowingly prejudicial and which have a deep impact on a child’s mind. If words such as ‘faggot’ or casual utterances such as ‘that’s so gay’ are commonly used, consider the impact they could have on the consciousness of a child.
  • Parents who wonder if their child is gay need not confront the child about their sexual preference, rather it is important to create an environment where it is acceptable to be what the child is so that the child does not feel the need to lie about their preferences.
  • While it is important to prevent one’s child from becoming a bully, it is also important for victims of bullying to speak out against their victimization and children should be encouraged to speak out about being bullied. Kids should be taught how to respond to bullying and help them understand that it is courageous to tell and that there is no honor in the ‘Code of Scilence’.


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