How To Encourage Children To Attend Sunday School?

Sunday is the time the whole family goes to church. We all know that kids have very short attention spans and they can easily lose interest in listening to sermons. That’s the reason why majority of churches conduct Sunday school.

Sunday school is a class conducted every Sunday in church for children.

Here, kids are gathered together to learn stories from the bible and mingle with other children.

Sunday school offers a lot of opportunities for your child to grow into a better individual. If your child often feels hesitant to attend Sunday school, here are some useful tips you can follow to encourage your child to attend Sunday school:sunday school

1. Ask your child’s friends to ask him/her to join them in class.

Once your kid finds out that his/her friends are attending Sunday school, he/she will be encouraged to do so.

2. Sit with him/her for the first class

Your child may feel too shy the first time so he/she will need your support. Join him/her on the first session and once your child starts to feel more comfortable you can leave.

3. Provide reinforcements

Have a treat ready especially if your child performs well in Sunday school. You can give him/her a chocolate bar, a big warm hug, or even take him/her to the mall and dine out.


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