How To Help Your Lonely Child?

Loneliness is a significant problem that can predispose your young ones to immediate and long term negative consequences.

Your child can feel lonely when he is less capable than other children in terms of mental and physical abilities.

If your child is lonely he will feel isolation and rejection which will prevent him to socialize in the future.

He will play alone and you can observe this problem once he grows older.

This problem becomes absolutely difficult to solve once he grows older. Therefore, as a parent, you should observe and take conscientious steps to prevent such episode from occurring.lonely child

Tips to help lonely child:

  • Take him to some social gatherings like church groups, sports teams, and drama clubs as these places can provide an alternative to make friends.
  • Pair your child with a younger one; he will become a guide and it can help to increase the self-esteem of your child. He would feel the responsibility and will learn a lot from that responsibility.
  • Apart from the regular school curriculum, keep your child busy with other activities. Encourage your child to participate in sport activities and indoor games. This improves communication of your child with other children.
  • Expand your family of friends and explain to your child the significance of lasting friendships.
  • Give your child a gentle push for making friends. If your child is shy but want to make a friend, you can invite that child’s parents to your home so that they would have a chance to communicate and become friends.


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