How To Overcome Morning Battles With Tweens?

Making children, particularly tweens, ready for school can be quite challenging task for every parent.

Especially, if you are a working parent, you may want to know few better ways to overcome morning battles with your tween.

Set reasonable bedtime

Make sure that you set reasonable bedtime for your kid, so that he won’t create problem in waking up in the morning.

If your kid gets enough night sleep, he can feel refreshed and your task becomes much easier in the morning.

Don’t encourage snooze function

If your tween uses alarm to wake up in the morning, put it away from his bed, so that he has to get out of his bed to switch it off.

Don’t allow any snooze function in your tween alarm, as it can make your kid too lazy and tired as well.

Encourage tween to help you in morning chores

Whether it is to get dressed up or organize things, assign some work to your tween and encourage him to do his work. Motivate your tweens with words or with rewards to complete assigned chores to him.

Be patient

Don’t shout on your children for simple things which can possibly have negative impact or develop stubbornness in your child. Try to be patient and don’t ignore to praise your tween, if he has completed his work efficiently.


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