How To Teach your kids Respect?

One of the most important things to teach children is respect. Remember that respect is different from obedience.

Because children fear of parents, they may obey you, but if they respect you, then they will know what the best you are expecting from them.

Respect means not only the respect giving to parents, but it is the respect towards everything. They should feel respect towards everyone and everything.

In order to teach your children respect, the best way is to show the respect. When they feel respect, they can understand what respect means and how important the respect respect

Being respectful to others helps the kids to succeed in life and if they are not respectful with their peers, others, or themselves, it is difficult for them to be successful in their life.

If you have respectful children, then they can take care of belongings, responsibilities, etc. School teaches respect to the children, but the children have influence of parents.

So, it is your responsibility to make your children respectful. Unless and until you show respect to children at home, they cannot show it to others.

How to show respect to your children?

Every act and every deed of parents have impact on the children. For example, if you are polite with them, then they will show the same behavior towards you and towards others. So, you need to be so careful in front of children with your every move.

In order to make respectful children, first you have to show respect and then teach your children to respect you.

If you show your politeness to your children, they will learn the same from you. So, be polite with them. Use words like “please” and “thank you” etc. For example, if you knock the door before entering their room, they will also definitely learn the same from you.

When you are honest about your deeds, your children also learn honest from you. For example, if you have done anything wrong, then do not argue about that instead accept it and apologize.

If you are positive to your children, then they will show the positive attitude towards others. So, be positive to them and do not insult or make fun of your children instead compliment them for what they are.

Another important one in showing respect is to trust the children. Give them enough freedom of their choices and responsibilities and express your belief on them.

You need to show your children that you mean what you say. If you promise anything, then just keep those promises and be reliable to them.

Show your children that how important they are to you, so pay full attention towards them and listen to them with patience. For this, you need to become a good listener.

Remember that children will learn everything from what you say and what you do. You need to be sure that you are modeling a respectful behavior. If they are disrespectful, then discuss with them and explain them about concern for people, animals, nature, and other things.


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