The Independent Kid and the Parenting Challenge

All parents dream of the perfect kid able to handle any situation, always being good, careful with his things and always proactive about the educational stuff you expose him to. But are we sure we know how to handle the dream kid we want?

Usually such a dream kid fits the profile of the independent child. The independent child is able to deal with difficult situations, takes the right decisions and seems to be the ‘perfect child’.

Many parents consider that their young are not old enough to learn responsibility or make decisions on their own and when they see signs of independence in the children’s actions they tend not to interpret them correctly.

What every parents should know is that having and independent child is indeed a privilege but also an educational responsibility.

How do you know you have an independent kid?

  • He or she takes decisions in time and has the arguments to justify it.
  • The child is aware of the qualities he has and knows how to make the most of them when needed.
  • Such a kid doesn’t hesitate to use the resources he has.
  • Finds the solutions to the problems and succeeds to motivate himself no matter how complicated or challenging a situation may be.
  • Has a very high opinion about himself.
  • The kid knows what he is capable of, he is ambitious to learn more and have better results.
  • He or she is not afraid to ask about things that make them curious.

How do you handle the education of such a child?

1. Role models

A self possessed child will notice differences in his world. Teach him to be patient and to trust your judgment. This way he will try his best to keep his will under control and will see you as a role model to follow.

2. The right decisions

The independent kids tend to not overanalyze a situation. This can turn into a hasty behavior and the mistakes related to it that can scare the kid. This can be solved by teaching him to identify the advantages and disadvantages of a situation.

For example you can send the kid shopping to buy you a special brand of butter. Make sure you ask him what he is going to do if he doesn’t find that brand of butter and be sure you let the decision be up to him ( buy another brand, go to another store etc…).

3. Grow a responsible individual

An independent child would tend to deal with a situation in his own way. To make sure he will not get scared by the unexpected make him understand he must assume the result of the action he takes. This way you will make him be more responsible.

Explain the child what is leadership concept really about. This will stimulate his focus to achieve goals but will also keep his ego under control.

4. Help the kid be a result oriented person

An independent child is most of the time tempted to pursue a special action even if that action is not the most productive one. Teach the child to stay by a task whether that task is chores around the house or finishing a homework projects.

Show the kid that a constructive attitude can lead to better result and be sure that this will use his potential to focus on a task to the maximum.


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