Internet Safety And Your Children

It is not surprising that with the spread of internet technology there is a new wave of predators waiting to snare your child.

Many children are naïve and aren’t aware that what they see online is not what they get.

A whole new breed of marauders is waiting on another computer screen near you.

Too much Time on the Computer

Children are replacing tried and true activities such as playing outside; getting involved in sports or afterschool clubs for more time on the internet. This causes a level of isolation for your child.internet safety

Though this is not the most pressing concern of many parents, it is one that should be addressed so that your child participates in well rounded activities.

There is No Privacy

Adults and children alike need to be aware that when surfing the internet it is almost the same as being in public. Personal information is easily obtained when your child creates a profile on one of the social networking sites.

The information gleaned can be misused in many ways including fodder for child predators and less dangerous, marketing tactics aimed at youngsters.

Sites Where Kids Don’t Belong

Pornography runs rampant on the internet and it can be difficult to monitor which sites your child is visiting without a little diligence on the part of parents.

Kids may stumble upon these types of websites through no fault of their own and for the most part, they find them uncomfortable and very distressing. Not only are pornographic sites a concern but those sites that promote things such as gambling, birth control, racism and misinformation on a variety of subjects are also a concern.

Bully on the Net

A new way that bullies have to torment their victims is on the internet. Text messages, emails and instant messaging can send unflattering implications faster than a speeding bullet and can cause great harm and misery to the target.

It is thought that more than 5% of children if not more have been bullied in this way. Kids in Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom also are affected by cyberbullying.

You can lessen the risk of your children gaining access to inappropriate websites and indulging in improper communications by monitoring your child’s use of the computer.

If you feel your child is at risk, don’t allow a computer in your child’s bedroom; instead have them use a computer that is in plain sight of the rest of the family. Have all your children’s passwords and check the social sites they belong to on a regular basis to check for unsuitable content.


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