Is Home Child Care Better Than Daycare Center?

Home child care is nothing but a traditional day care center. Home child care is a family based center.

It usually manages maximum number of children. Home child care means a private caregiver offers daycare services from their private residence.

You should have seen the home child care centers in your neighborhood or a friend that watches several children.

Many parents find these home child care centers a good choice for toddlers and preschoolers who need less supervisionHome Child Care

Points to consider for home child care:

  • Home child care centers usually charge less than traditional daycare centers. The cost ranges from $6000 to $8400 per year for each child. The prices are not fixed. It is based on the home child care center. It the center if well furnished with good facilities, it will be expensive.
  • Many parents prefer home child care centers because the environment is more comfortable. Many find it as a less sterile environment. The benefit includes more socialization for your children. Some children enjoy the home environment because they have access to a home and backyard to play in.
  • If your family provider gets sick, you have to lose daycare for a few days. Nobody will be available to look after your child at your home.
  • All home child care centers are not licensed. If some of them are licensed, they may not monitor as closely as daycare center. Therefore you have to take extra care to check references and assure the reliability of the provider.
  • If you have decided to use home child care, ask your friends, relatives and neighbors for references. Visit your child often to see whether your child is comfortable in home environment.
  • If home based provider gets sick or unavailable at times you need them, you have to back up a sitter before only. If you have plenty of family members in town, it will not be a problem for you.
  • You have to find out the home child care provider references and background. You have to verify their history and background for child safety.
  • You should interview home child care provider to find out the facilities they offer, the meals they provide for kids and developmental activities for children.
  • In some cases, home child care centers do not maintain the ratio recommended by state officials. But, in many cases home child care centers have stricter ratios than traditional daycare centers. Before joining your child, find out the ratio of child to care provider.
  • Look for a home child care that follows recommended guidelines to make sure your child gets the needed attention.


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