Is Your Teenager Obese?

Lucy’s story: I ran into Lucy recently, and she appeared to be extremely tensed about something. We sat down over a cup of coffee, which is when she confided to me: her daughter, who had been overweight even as a six year old, was obese now at seventeen, and had just been diagnosed as being a diabetic.

Lucy burst into tears, and told of her frustrated efforts at trying to control her daughter’s weight, with no evident results.

Obesity, an alarming problem today

Obesity is today an alarming problem among teenagers of the world, and one hears more and more cases of teen obesity today than ever before. If you are the parent of an obese teen and would like a few tips on how to handle this serious problem, then read on.

What causes obesity? First and foremost, remember that obesity starts during early childhood, and can be the result of poor eating habits, lack of exercise, family history of obesity, endocrinal conditions, stress in the child’s life, emotional problems like depression and low self esteem.

The complications arising from obesity are many, like diabetes, blood pressure, respiratory problems and heart disease.

How to overcome obesity? You, as an informed parent, must help your child overcome his obesity, if it does not have any physical causes. First, join a weight management program, and simultaneously enroll in a health club and start a daily regimen of exercise.

However, remember that if the diet plan is too restrictive, then the chances are that your teen will give up even before she has started. Make sure that the plan is something that your teen will actually be able to follow, and obtain results with.

No Snacks! Cut down almost completely on snacks, count the calories, and watch the size of her portions. Try to make her meals as healthy and nutritious as possible, and avoid all junk foods, including chocolates and pastries. Substitute them with fresh salads and fruits.

Make sure your teen eats her meals away from the TV, so that she can watch what she eats.

One parent I know offers her daughter a tall clear glass of water just before she eats: she claims this cuts down her appetite for more food.

Another parent claims that the changes she made in her daughter’s lifestyle, including daily exercise, have helped her obese daughter not only lose weight, but to keep it off.

You know your child best! You as a parent know your teen well, so you can formulate a plan that includes eliminating junk foods, incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables, and following a regular exercise regimen that will help your obese child shed her excess weight and recover her lost self esteem.  All the Best!


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