Keeping Safe: Tips For Halloween

Trick or Treatin’ time is just around the corner, and parents would do well to be aware of what they can do to keep kids safe at Halloween time –

  • Parents ought to be involved in their children’s trick or treating and it is recommended that parents accompany their kids on their door to door activities.
  • It is also recommended that kids stay away from homes that have no lights.
  • They should also be aware of and careful about the traffic.
  • It is important to wear reflective gear to enable cars to see kids properly in the dark and thus avoid accidents.
  • Carry a flashlight as well.
  • Wear costumes made with flame retardant material.
  • Also remember that the glitter used on certain costumes can be dangerous because it can catch on fire even if a flame comes within close distance of it.
  • Look through the child’s candy once they’re done. If something looks suspicious, report it to the local authorities.
  • Beware of a metal object, glass razors, anything in the candy that shouldn’t be there, or broken candy.
  • Even when it’s teens you’re talking about, parents ought to be fully aware of their kids’ plans and whereabouts.


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