5 Medicine Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know

Every parent must know medicine safety tips for the welfare of the family. If you are adequately aware of the various aspects of medication and necessary safeguards, then you can prevent a number of mishaps.

If you google, you will find an ample number of tips. While each one of them is important, there are a few which need your special attention.

In order to ease your search in this respect, we have shortlisted five really vital medicine safety tips which you should know. Learn them by heart so that you can stay alert!

Five Medicine Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know

So, without further ado, here are those five medicinal safety tips:

1. Out of sight

One of the cardinal tips for medicinal safety is the standard out-of-sight requirement.

Children have the habit of messing around with things which they find alien. They will do all kinds of experiments with those things, and they may put themselves in danger. It, therefore, becomes important to put all medicine out of their sight.

Make sure you keep all the house medicines on the top shelf or in a closet, or whatever your choice of hideout is. Keep them beyond the reach and imagination of the kids.

2. Mind the caps

It is extremely important that you close the bottle caps tightly upon use. Prefer child-resistant bottle caps for medicines, if possible. In case you have no other option but non-child resistant caps, then store these bottles up high and beyond the reach of kids.

3. Visits and visitors

When you have visitors coming to your home, there might be a possibility they bring along medicines. These medicines may get into the hands of the kids if proper supervision is not conducted.

Whenever visitors come, the first thing to do is to offer them pouches or purses for keeping the medicines. Place these containers on high platforms.

In case you are visiting places, stay alert—that is the only thing you can do. Being outside puts you out of control over the environment, and thus, you cannot be sure when and where medicines may show up and excite your kids’ curiosity. So, the only thing you can do is to stay vigilant.

4. Educate your kids on medication safety

You can keep on hiding medicines forever, but one day you will fail. It, therefore, becomes all the more necessary to educate children on medication safety.

Tell them that it is highly dangerous to take medicines on their own accord and that they should always consult their parents in such matters. Tell them medicines are not candies, and, also that what their peers and websites tell about drugs is not necessarily true.

Make your kids smart and responsible.

5. Emergency numbers everywhere

There could be endless possibilities that may lead to a medicinal crisis.

You are not home and the babysitter finds out that your kid has taken medicine without permission and collapsed or that you are not sure how to give medicine to your kid—whatever the case may be, always keep an emergency contact number of a doctor.

Write the numbers on sticky notes and put them in the most visible areas of your house such as Refrigerator, doors, etc.


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