New Software Offers Parents More Online Control

The online activity of kids will now be easier to track and control for parents, with the new software called Online Guardian for Parents. The software offers the following benefits.

  • It can help parents monitor what kids do on social networking sites. The Facebook app can let parents monitor wall posts, videos and photos, and other posts, and also give parents feedback on Facebook use via mobile phone and so on
  • It can help to protect kids against online predators as well as possible online or cyber bullying
  • Adult or other inappropriate content can be filtered out
  • It can stop kids from sharing sensitive information or personal details
  • It can create a daily schedule for time spent online and place limits on the amount of time spent online.

According to a review of this parental control software, there is a wide range of protection that it offers, and it is also able to protect all the computers in the home. However the perceived drawback is that it is easy to disable the web filtering and social network tracking apps. Also it does not force safe search. Its innovative and lightweight features (do not slow down your system) may be negated by the fact that the safeguards can be easily disabled.


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