Parental Stress Shows Up On Children, Says Study

Parents undergoing stress can take a toll on kids, says a new survey published by the American Psychological Association.  When children were asked how it affected them they said that parental stress affected them as well. However, it was seen that the parents themselves were unaware of this problem.

Parents tend to underestimate the impact that their stress has on their kids. The following activities can help kids lower stress by giving them the ability to deal with stress and bring it under control –

  • Exercise can help reduce stress, so make sure that kids get plenty of physical activity – riding a bike, playing in the park, participating in sports and so on are all good.
  • Teach a child how to maintain a journal where he or she can effectively express thoughts, emotions, feelings and so on. This can be a great release and an excellent stress buster. Drawing pictures is also a good vent for kids.
  • Child’s likings and preferences help them engage in hobbies. It can be an enjoyable activity that is also a stress buster, and give the child a break from routine activities. Hobbies could be of different types – relating to music, books, art, sports, etc.


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