Five Parenting Mistakes you must Avoid

Parenting is an uphill task, and it requires more than just love and affection towards thekid. When you parent a child, you directly engage yourself in the making of another human’s complete personality. Everything about the kid will be substantially inspired from what parents tell and direct, and that is why it is important that you do parenting in the right way.Just like any other activity, there are plenty of do’s and don’ts in parenting, and we shall focus on the latter. In this article, we will talk about five major parenting mistakes which you must necessarily avoid.

Five parenting mistakes you must avoid

  1. Do not discourage beyond permissible limits

What are permissible limits? Well, the answer shall depend largely on the circumstances and the nature of the kid, but one thing is certain and that is the limit should be placed before you step into the “you are not good for anything” phase.

It is commonly found among parents that they engage in repetitive giving away of negative feedback without tendering positive encouragement to kids. They fail to reinforce good behaviour and strictly punish the kids for negative behaviour. The consequences of such parental attitude include delinquency, inhibitions and low-level of self-esteem in kids.

  1. Modelling poor behaviour in front of kids

Every parent preaches, but a few of them fail to follow their own preaching, and if they exhibit their divergence in front of their kids, there are certain harmful consequences. All your hard work towards teaching the good and bad in life becomes inconsequential once you show your own disregard towards your words. Thus, don’t set up a bad example in front of your children.

  1. Do not be over-protective

Well-being is one of the primary concerns of parenting, and we, as parents, do everything within our means to ensure that our kids are growing in a safe and healthy environment. This want for well-being often makes parents paranoid, causing them to become overprotective towards their children. Now, being over-protective is not bad until it hinders the development of the child’s personality.

It is well-accepted that childhood is the best time to learn and grow, and whatever children learn during this phase, they remember for the most part of their lives. If we project a scary, unreliable, and dangerous environment before our kids, they will feel threatened and insecure, and these feelings may permanently change their personality. Let your kids experience the world, and put them on the road to self-independence and maturity.

  1. Improper attention to kids’ school life and peers

School offers a major social setting to kids and instils multitude of changes in them. Here at school, the world of kids becomes bigger and fuller with people—he makes friends, gets teachers as guides, finds a place to be apart from home. There is so much to know, and this may cause some troubles if parents are not attentive.

Report cards, teachers’ feedbacks, peer group, etc are to be properly assessed to ensure that your kid is not swaying away in the wrong direction. One of the biggest causes of delinquency in children is association with delinquent peers, and you must be wary of the ways to ward off bad influences on your kid.

  1. Narrowing your kids’ horizons

Childhood is the phase where we open ourselves to opportunities, but if we are repetitively told to restrict our horizons, then our growth gets stunted. It is, therefore, important you encourage your kids to take up newer and better activities such as swimming, reading, drawing, etc. Such attitude will involve in a holistic development of kids—something which we all look forward to.


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