Parenting Tips To Raise The Only Child!

Being an only child sometimes proves to be advantageous and sometimes disadvantageous.

Of course, still there is no clear conclusion for this debate. Some people feel that having no brother or sister to share or play anything is a drawback for that child.

On the other hand, some people feel that it is a big benefit to the child because being an only child; they get lot of love, warmth, and attention from the parents.

People often consider that parenting the only child can make the child get accustomed to aloneness, selfishness, unable to mingle with other children and may not stand up single in the playground. In fact, it is just a myth. There is no proof to show that this view is right.parenting

On the other hand, recent researches illustrate that parenting a single child is little different from parenting children with siblings [Sibling rivalry]. According to the research, only child in the family develops close relationships with parents, builds self-esteem, attains high grasping power, becomes orally advanced, more affluent in education, and receives more support and encouragement from parents.

Parenting the only child can help you to pay full attention on the development of your child [Parenting Children]. In this economical world, bringing up children and getting them educated has become very expensive. As a parent of single child, you can give your child luxurious life and good education as well.

On the other hand, there are several difficulties in being parents of the only child. Being an only child in the family, you see that he/she develops a kind of loneliness and finds no one to share feeling and thoughts. He/she experiences no sibling rivalry and may not learn the skills of dealing with problems in life. Moreover, you and your child do not get sibling support in the later stages of life.

Parenting tips to raise the only child!

Being a parent of your only child, support and encourage your child to overcome these difficulties and make the negatives into positives.

Encourage making friendship: Being alone and growing up as a single child may keep him/her away from interacting with other kids. So, as a parent, encourage your child to make friendship with other kids. Social movings are more essential for only children, as it helps your child learn to get along with others and make friendship.

Also, observe your child while playing with others. If you find your child does not share toys and becomes selfish, make your child realize that being selfish can make him/her alone and keeps away from friends and joy.

Teach Social Skills. As only children do not have sibling relationships and sibling rivalry, the child lacks social skills like mingling and getting along with others. Being a parent, help your child to do well in sharing, compromising, and considering others.

Develop self-determination: Being an only child, parents often keep a close relation with the child. As a result, the child depends more on parents for moral support for accomplishing activities. This dependence unknowingly develops by parents.

To reduce this dependence, give your child certain responsibilities and explain how to do. Remember that parents need not become all time entertainer for the only children. Instead, make the child learn how to engage and have fun.

Set boundaries: It is a common tendency in the only children that he/she is equal to adults and got equal powers to do anything. Therefore, as a parent set boundaries and explain clearly, what lies within the boundaries and out of the boundaries. This helps your child understand his/her limitations.


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