What Parents Need to Know About Anabolic Steroids

The headlines currently being made about the anabolic steroid drug use of Jonny Spelman, drew attention to the many negative impacts that steroids could have, particularly on children.

Jonny Spelman is the son of cabinet minister Caroline Spelman, which in fact has catapulted this story into the headlines.

Anabolic Steroids

Jonny Spelman’s story

Jonny wants to be the next Mr. Olympia and has been using steroids to bulk up his muscles.

The fact that his drug use caused him to be expelled from his school and his rugby team did not deter him. When his parents stopped supporting him financially, he turned to the internet.

He posted videos there asking for steroids from others accusing his parents of not being supportive of his ambitions and of threatening to turn him out of the family home.

Another story about anabolic steroid use is the tragic story of Matthew, also 17, who actually died from the drug use.

It was drugs bought illegally that probably made his brain swell which caused his death it is thought.

Matthew wanted to bulk up so he could make it to the Royal Marines, but it was not to be. Weeks after starting to use the drugs, the teen was dead – before he even made the selections to the Royal Marines.

Unnecessary steroid use can cause heart problems, high cholesterol, kidney damage and many other problems such as reduced fertility.

How to tell if your child is using steroids

As a parent, you will be anxious about detecting any drug use your child is involved in. If your child is using anabolic steroids, you can find out about this by looking for the following signs and symptoms.

If you live in the Garden State and you have a loved one who is hooked on steroids, there are a number of residential rehab centers in New Jersey that can provide the right kind of professional help.

Athletic performance could increase suddenly and quite dramatically if performance-enhancing drugssuch as anabolic steroids are used. There could be visible bulking up of muscles, even to the point of developing breast like chest muscles.

Acne breakouts can be among the side effects that could alert parents about their child’s habits.

The child could also display violent or overtly aggressive behavior if he is on steroids and certain other drugs.

Alopecia or hair loss is another frequent side effect of steroid use. Thyroid problems may be another of the side effects of these drugs.


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