Personalized Keepsake Boxes from Gift Cookie to Preserve Your Child’s First Tooth and Curl

Although babies grow up in the blink of an eye, the fleeting and precious moments can still be preserved and treasured forever. A great way of doing this is to have keepsake boxes which can mark a special memory of your child’s growth.

Similar to a family heirloom, the beautiful first tooth and curl boxes preserve your baby’s lock of hair from the first haircut and even the first tooth, capturing those fleeting moments to be treasured forever.

It is a customary tradition in many countries to preserve the milestones that every child reaches and therefore these keepsake boxes are popular for several occasions like Christening, Baptism and Baby Shower parties.

Every new mother in the world can keep her child’s first tooth and curl in these sliver coated keepsake boxes. Aside from the sleek style of the keepsake boxes, what makes them special is the engraving that you add on the front side of the box and of course the treasure found within.

Generally the keepsake boxes come in different styles and sizes. It can be a small box that just holds a tiny curl or it can be a large box that can save anything from bootees to cards and newspaper clippings.

The small keepsake boxes are usually made-up of high quality sliver or silver plate. A popular keepsake box among the parents is money box train that comes with two carriages which hold both the baby’s first tooth and curl.

The large size keepsake boxes are crafted either by using pottery or cardboard and the colours for these keepsake boxes can chosen based on the baby’s gender. The cardboard type boxes can be a great choice to hold things like photo collages, birth certificates and cards that they receive on 1st birthday or baby shower ceremony.

With numerous online gift stores, it can be difficult for you to choose anyone that offers a wide range of great gifts for any occasion. To find affordable personalised gifts of exceptional quality for occasions like Christmas, Father’s Day, Baby Shower and First Birthday, visit Gift Cookie, an UK based E-Commerce retailer with a wide range of personalized gifts to suit any occasion and any recipient.

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