Picking Godparents – What Should Be The Criteria?

Not everyone decides to have Godparents for their children, but when they do, they should decide based on sound criteria, and remember that this is not a popularity contest.

God parents are people that your children can bond with, who can mentor and guide a child when required and who end up playing a fairly important role in a child’s life.

There should be a meeting of minds as far as values of life are concerned and ways of thinking should also match when you pick out Godparents. Your best friends or closest relatives may not automatically translate into the best choice to be god parents; suitability could have other criteria.

People who are attuned to children and are able to communicate well with children, who you find will make the effort to forge and nurture a bond with your child, would be able to better discharge the role of godparents.

In a close knit family, it may make more sense that godparents are an aunt or uncle; so that the family is well known to them and so that there is more chance that the child will meet the godparents often and will have the chance to nurture such a relationship.

Choose godparents with care, it may be an important decision later for your child; that you make now.


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