Practical Tips To Help Your Child With Test Anxiety – Part 2

We looked at the dos and don’ts of helping your child cope with test anxiety according to this letter from the NYU Child Study Center to parents. Let’s look at some more:

  • Try and motivate the child to take his or her test. If the child is diffident or finds that much work is to be done, encourage the child. Help the child build effective study techniques by using reinforcement methods. Ask the child to concentrate on learning and doing his or her best rather than making a certain grade.parents helping child study
  • Praise and occasional rewards are not out of place when you want a child to be encouraged to study. This can also help to reduce the anxiety and the fear that a child may be feeling in his exam.
  • If a child is being negative by saying things like “I will fail that test” or similar, draw attention to the evidence to the contrary. Help the child see that he or she has done a good enough job before and that it can be done again! And that by a little perseverance and effort it can be accomplished.
  • Teach the child simple relaxation techniques. Try and practice these together as a family.


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