Pregnant and Stylish: Why One Needn’t Cancel Out the Other

When you are pregnant you want to be comfortable, but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore your fashion sense and opt for tent-like creations in colours that might possibly have been big news ten years ago!

There’s a lot more out there than you might think, with retailers such as Vertbaudet offering comfortable pieces you’ll actually enjoy wearing. Here is our guide to looking and feeling good throughout your pregnancy:

14-20 weeks

You may have only just started to notice a bump, but you’ll need to opt for trousers and skirts with elasticated waistbands for comfort. Team them with long-sleeved tops that have elastane in for stretch, looking out for bright, block colours to stop all the focus going to your bump.

If you fancy wearing a dress, go for A-line styles which will allow space for your bump to grow while looking on-trend, especially with the sixties influence that’s taking over the fashion world at the moment.

20-30 weeks

By now you’ll be looking for fashion that offers support to your bump. Think trousers with supportive bands around the belly, paired with tops with delicately gathered necklines that’ll drape nicely over your baby bump rather than clinging to it.

For support when wearing dresses or tunics, it’s fine to wear a belt below your bump. In fact, if you have gone for all one colour, a contrasting belt is perfect for breaking up colour blocks. Cover up with chunky knits, but opt for cardies rather than jumpers: not only are they easier to whip off without messing up your hair when you suddenly get a hot flush, they won’t add any unnecessary bulk to the rest of your figure.

30-40 weeks

In the late stages of pregnancy, look for wrap tops and dresses with will give you leeway to adjust the fit as well as offering support to your bump. Another great option to go for is the tunic dress: this fashion-forward piece is perfect for drawing attention away from your largest area, and if you go for a bright printed number, you’ll stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons too.


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