Public Service Ads Help Parents with Ideas to Keep Kids Active

Scenario One – a young girl comes down the steps asking her mom for a dollar. Mom is downstairs in the kitchen and her purse is right there, but she tells her daughter to check upstairs. Then she tells her daughter to check elsewhere, in all the closets, and so on making sure she has to really run about.

Scenario 2 – Three boys are busy watching something on TV, and the lights go off. The boys are unhappy but then decide that playing a basketball game out of doors seems like a lot of fun.

Cut back to the inside of the home where mom just decided to bring the power back on with a “Works every time!”

These are two of the public service ads that are releasing now as part of the First Lady Michelle Obama’s Lets Move initiative to get kids active and healthy and reduce childhood obesity.

The First Lady’s campaign is just now completing one year. The Let’s Move website is a useful resource for parents to resolve the issue of childhood obesity.

Tips for a healthy diet and nutrition, to raise healthy kids, the importance of physical activity and ways to get moving together are all covered.


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