Respect For Elders – An Outdated Concept?

If you think that children these days are just not as respectful towards their elders as perhaps we were required to be, then you are in good company.

It is a trend that is increasingly and worryingly widespread, that children don’t have manners as good as they used to; nor do they treat their elders with the kind of respect they should. [Child disciplining]

Respect for elders can never be an outdated concept, it is as relevant now as it ever was. Perhaps parents can do more to see that it is inculcated in their children.child respect

Lead by Example: If you want your child to speak to their grandparents with respect and be sensitive and considerate of them and their needs, make sure you do the same. If you speak rudely or dismissively with your parent(s) this is a bad example for your child to emulate.

They will be indifferent or rude grandchildren today and rude and indifferent children tomorrow. When a child displays respectful or considerate behavior, praise and reinforce it, so that the child is encouraged to make it a habit.

Monitor TV and other media and friends:  If your child is learning foul language or being disrespectful, he or she is bound to be picking it up from somewhere.  Without being obvious about it, monitor TV viewing, friends and other activities to weed out undesirable behavior.


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