Some Things That Kids Should Know About Parents

We spend a lot of time finding out all that we should know about kids, but there are certain things about being a parent that parents should be aware of.

Remember all of you out there are doing a great job with your kids; and bringing up kids is the most difficult job in the world, bar none! So remember this about yourself and if required, remember to remind your child or children gently about the following:

  • Parents don’t know everything. They can try and be well read and well informed but it is not possible to know everything all of the time. It’s OK to admit this now and then.
  • Parents are just people. Parents can be all too human. They can get angry, they can get hurt, and they can lash out too. They make mistakes; if they are wise, they will learn from them.
  • Parents are not just parents. Playing the role of the parent 24×7 can make a persona forget that they are an individual in their own right; that they have personal lives, interests and needs that may not include their children at times.
  • It isn’t prying to ask ‘how was your day dear?’ Teens can be prickly and overly sensitive; they must be reminded gently that asking after their health is not prying and wanting to know if their exams are going well is not nagging.
  • Parents make sacrifices. When individuals or couples become parents, their priorities and goals change drastically; a fact that kids probably are oblivious to. Without sounding like a martyr, it must be useful to inform a child about the many sleepless nights, the things you did without, and how the child’s wellbeing is of foremost importance for any parent.
  • The parent is not an ATM Machine: Denying a child something that they desire is not necessarily a bad thing. Getting a child to respect and value money[Teaching kids about money] is always a good thing. Always forking over the cash when asked for is not something that is going to teach children good values. If they ask for more than you can afford, suggest a summer job.
  • Parents can be with it. Children need to be seen as cool and with it. Parents can cramp their style, but kids would do well to understand that their seeming boring dad was once a rock star or their seemingly boring mother was once prom queen. Introduce these facts in the conversation casually; they may help the child view their parents in a different light.


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